Surrendering to the Big Quiet

What I love about this time of year is the opportunity to go deep – deep into the accumulating darkness, deep into the long shadows and the longer nights, relinquishing my grip on doing and more doing, and surrendering to the big quiet. As nature sends her energy down, we too, may rest, regather, review and renew.

At this time of year it is so easy to be enmeshed in the doing of it all. The making and providing and the ensuring that our loved ones receive good experiences, so rest and renewal can become relegated to post-celebration collapse! (Personally I’d be happy for Christmas to be every other year, or every five years – or maybe once a lifetime...? Imagine!)

However, we can also take the opportunity to imagine we sit, as all of our ancestors have done, around a fire, shadows on the wall, allowing conversation to drift into quietness and movement into stillness. Then from that place of stillness and silence we connect with our deepest knowing allowing us to sense our real priorities. Blowing gently on embers of dreams as yet unformed and guiding carefully the flames of dreams already alight. Allowing the unknown, to seed in our dreams that which may bring us most joy.

So whether we are wrapping or unwrapping presents, being in presence, or both, my dreams are for the deep nourishment of the loving earth to strengthen my spirit for the new year. And that all humans come ever closer to desiring an open heart.

So, whatever you wish to receive this wintertime, however you celebrate and whoever you are with, I wish you loving experiences. If any of your dreams feel out of reach then a reading with me could be just the present you offer to yourself, which can make all the difference.

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