In Support of the Courageous Dreamer

So as we gather in the autumn, gently surrendering ourselves to the dark of the year, what nuggets of bright beauty, truth and imagination will carry us forward? What tender dreams will you nurture and breathe into life, in your future days, months and years?

Every day I meet courageous people who are willing to take positive actions in support of their dreams. Sometimes this means taking a risk in order to follow our hearts – always it's choosing to create something better – and occasionally it's understanding the need to let go of something, or someone, and make a fresh start.

Three years ago, when I decided to work as a psychic reader full time and give up my other job, all of my fears ganged up to tell me that this wouldn’t work! Thankfully I ignored them, and am now supporting myself, doing work I love.

And in my role as a psychic reader I meet many other people who are also self-employed.

Ah, the joys of being self-employed: the freedom to work when you want (all of the time?), the freedom to work from home (let me out!), the freedom to live without paid holidays and not know how much you may earn this week! Yes, its a blast! :-)

However, help is at hand...

If you are new to psychic readings, let me tell you what I do.

I give people information and help by pointing out choices and behaviours which will be constructive and enabling. The most common feedback I receive is ‘this is so helpful’.

Simple really – you need help knowing the best way forward, or how things would work out if you made this choice or that – and I can show you.

So back to your dreams...

- What information do you need in order to enable your dream to become reality?

- What decisions do you need to make?

- Would it be helpful to see the long view?

I can help you to ground that dream, build a foundation and choose positive, heartfelt structures of thought, action and imagination.

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