Do you ever feel like an explosion has gone off in your life and suddenly, without so much as a by your leave, the order of things is turned upside down? As a professional, full-time psychic reader, I have noticed a rising swell in the numbers of people coming for readings whose world had been disrupted by change. Not just a ripple but a volcanic, tectonic plate-shifting vibration of awakening to which they must attend. Most of the changes I am seeing are very beneficial, giving rise to deep healing and opportunities for profound levels of release. However, in the moment this is often experienced as profoundly uncomfortable, disorientating and frightening.

It is said that love brings up anything which opposes it, and as we know, changes in our inner life affect our outer life, and vice versa, so whatever events precipitate change we can feel very much at sea in ourselves. Such as the person who came for a reading because, very unexpectedly, she has fallen in love and spontaneously she found herself both delighted and really scared .Or alternatively, the person who woke one morning knowing beyond doubt that their 25-year relationship, was over. When change comes roaring through our lives it can be like surfing unpredictable tides of energy moving us around, inviting deep levels of surrender which we may experience as loss of control.

At times like these I can offer warmth and gentle reassurance, positive practical guidance, a mature understanding and the ability to show the most beneficial way forward for all concerned. If change has burst into your life, either as a welcome or unwelcome visitor, and you need some perspective on the choices open to you, a reading could offer you the support you need.

As a former client remarked, ‘you showed me the big picture and illuminated options I hadn’t considered, I can't tell you how helpful that is, thank-you!’

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