Guidelines for Protection – your number one priority when doing any kind of psychic or healing work

In all of my classes and workshops I emphasise the need for personal protection from lower energies in spirit and from receiving negative energy from other people. This is crucial for your own wellbeing and health.

In this article I outline several ways for you to put protection in place for yourself. I would suggest that you practice all of these, especially if you are doing any kind of readings or healing work on a regular basis.

I will start by stating the obvious. If you sense trouble in any form coming towards you, unless you have the confidence based on skill and experience, step out of its way. This could include angry or disturbed people, or environments which make you feel very uncomfortable.

Please note: these are guidelines and it may be important for you to learn to put these skills into practice with an experienced teacher.

Firstly, know what you think your job is as a psychic. For example, I think my job as a reader is to give people the information which will help them the most, and to do so in a way they can most easily use.

In my opinion, it is not your job to resolve other people’s problems for them.

It is not your job to rescue people, and it is not your job to make other people happy.

It may be your job to help others to do those things for themselves.

Four Aspects of Self Protection

1: Personal Authority

As a sensitive person you will naturally attract the attention of lower energies who will want to feed off you, and higher energies who will want to help you. You have the authority over your physical and psychic space. No-one else, no other being from any other place, only you. So you get to say what will and will not happen to you at all times.

I suggest that you develop your own statement of intent. Here is mine:

‘I only receive healing energy and/or information from the highest point of love and light, the Source of all love. Nothing else is allowed, I do not allow it.’

I encourage you to develop your own words to express your intention. Be clear and direct.

By clarifying your intent you are sending a message to all. I tend to do this out loud if possible. Get used to speaking very directly to Spirit and your spirit guides.

You can use your authority to clear a space. So if you feel a place you are in is ‘unclean’ or cluttered with negative energy you can talk to the space, either out loud or within yourself, to command that anything which is not from the highest place of love and light leaves now. You may want to repeat this a few times to make sure anything undesirable is gone.

2: The Bubble or Egg

An extremely important skill in these fields of work is the ability to focus the mind. If this is something you find difficult I suggest you learn to meditate, which may mean joining a class. This is not a skill you can do without.

I suggest that while you are in a meditative state, and beginning with your statement of intent, you visualise/imagine an egg or bubble of white light which completely surrounds you. You can add layers of colour to your shape such as pink, green and gold and it is interesting to notice how these colours may change as you develop.

The protective shape that you choose, or which comes to you, can be in any form, I have students who say theirs is like a cloak or surrounding shield. For myself I have put in place a layer of protection (egg) which stays close to me all the time, another which I can push towards others (a bubble) which I have programmed to diffuse their negativity, and others (shields) which are about half a mile and a mile away which stop lower energies and very negative people and events coming close to me.

If you find it hard to visualise things you can do this with a statement of intent, and say it out loud. For example: ‘I now have an egg of white light which surrounds me and protects me at all times’.

You can also draw it or find a picture of what it could look like. Train yourself to strengthen this by focusing on it every day.

3: Spirit Guide Support Team, and mirror work

(This section could also be called 'Asking for Help'.)

Everyone has spirit guides and angelic helpers. The quality of your energy will determine the quality of those guides. That means the quality of your energy will reflect what you eat and drink, what you think, how you feed your mind, your belief structures and your life’s priorities.

So, for example, the higher your personal vibration, the better quality of guides will be able to work with you. What you put into your body matters, how you feed your mind through TV, internet, books, etc., matters. We cannot live on fast food, hold very negative attitudes or watch a lot of violent or obscene material and then do good work!

So, how do we ask for help? The most simple way is to look at your face in a mirror, look into your own eyes and continue until you don’t really see your face anymore, and start to speak directly to Spirit.

It's best to say clearly what you want. For example: ‘Spirit I want complete protection from all harm for me and my car while I'm travelling today’ – and then, ‘thank you’.

I was taught this method by Beautiful Painted Arrow, a Native American teacher of mine. He said, when you look deeply into your own eyes you look into the eyes of God. As you develop the ability to focus your mind you will be able to do this anywhere at any time in your imagination.

If you have developed your knowledge of your spirit guides you may have different ways of communicating with them. If not, this is an easy way to begin that process.

4: Yes/No

Sometimes it's the simplest things which are most effective. The ability to say 'Yes' when that’s what you really want to do, and 'No' when that’s what you really want to do, is really important. Many people have difficulty saying no, especially to loved ones or those we pity. Nevertheless, the ability to say no is crucial as part of your protection. I use my 'Internal No' as a swift way to diffuse any psychic attack or any negative energy left behind by clients. I think of this as boundary work. In life we know when someone has crossed a boundary because we feel a sense of unease and as sensitive people we can feel when something isn’t right.

This is an extension of the idea that you have complete authority over your own psychic and physical space. Play with saying no clearly in your head. Practice saying no clearly and directly, in the same way as if you had been offered something undesirable! This means that you will always be able to stop lower energies from clinging to you or from attaching themselves to you. I find this very useful.

And finally, about crystals

There are many crystals we can use to protect ourselves, and I advise you to choose carefully what feels right for you. Crystals used well have wonderful properties and I would suggest that you use them in conjunction with the protective practices outlined above.

Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye, Malachite and Fluorite are some of the most commonly used for this purpose. If there are no crystal shops near you, do look online.

You do not need huge pieces of these – small amounts you can keep in a pocket will do. I strongly suggest that you learn a little about crystals before splashing out. There are some very good, inexpensive books available, such as those by Judy Hall.

These notes are meant as a starting place for you whilst you are developing your psychic skills. I do recommend that you learn from an experienced teacher and that you protect yourself all the time, not just when you are working. I hope you find this information helpful.

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