Bereavement, the Loss of Beloved People and Animals

It happens to us all and can be some of the most difficult times of our lives. We can be left with a bewildering array of feelings and many unanswered questions.

My deep interest in bereavement began in 2012 when a friend asked me to look after him during his chemotherapy. Sadly, the treatment was unsuccessful and my work became end of life care, for which I felt very unprepared. During those six months a world of knowledge and experience around death and dying became available to me. I began to see angels, clearly and daily. I began to have an understanding of what happens when we pass from the physical world to the spirit world. I found this so interesting that I focussed my attention on gathering information both from the world outside and the inner world.

Much is written about the human souls journey after death, however, much less is written about the souls of animals. As a psychic reader I work with spirit guides and when I noticed one of my recently departed cats sitting with them, I started to consider more deeply what happens to our much loved pets when they die?

I am not a medium, however, I feel well equipped to ask the Tarot and my guides for information about your loved one, human or animal.

All of my work is done from love. I feel a direct line from my heart to the heart of love itself. The source of all love. I trust that the information which comes through me is an accurate account of your loved ones journey after their physical death, and we can ask questions such as, How are they doing? What kind of experiences are they having? Where are they? Who is around them?

Whatever questions you may have will be welcomed with respect and kindness.

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