Love is All

Endings and beginnings, giving and receiving, are a constant – and more obviously so as each year turns. As I write I am considering what gifts to offer myself over the coming months...

As a self-employed person I find it is so easy to focus endlessly on work, that everyday joys can be pushed to the edge of my attention. So, in 2020, I am prioritising simple pleasures. Top of my list is time to do the things which would make life easier, like reorganising my office – but much more excitingly, I have decided to award myself several hours reading time at least once a week. I have so many wonderful books waiting for me, some of them for many years! Even thinking about that makes me feel the warmth of self love.

When you look ahead what ordinary joys would you love to include in your daily, weekly, monthly round?

It often arises in the readings I do that gifts to ourselves are the last things we think of, or even if we do we never quite get round to them.

A friend who has a bath (I only have a shower) has often said to me ‘come round for a bath’ even if she is not there. I would love that, it would be a real luxury, but have I done it ? Noooo!

What does it take to allow ourselves to receive – not just occasionally, but all the time?

My work is completely guided by Spirit and my experience is that Spirit wants to give to us constantly, but we can block that by insisting that we do it all!

So I am encouraging us all to prioritise self-love, self-appreciation, self-acknowledgement and self-acceptance as the new year will undoubtedly bring challenges and opportunities, as we find ways to flow up, down and around the landscape of our lives.

Let us remember to treat ourselves kindly, and to allow ourselves to receive in equal balance to our giving and know as always, love is all.


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