Bell's Teaching Programme 2021
Small - Intimate - Bespoke

All teaching now offered on Zoom. Classes can be offered to individuals or groups, please contact me to discuss.


Sometimes it is great to be in a big group, learning something and sharing the experience with a lot of people – and other times it's important to receive more individual attention and share with a small intimate group.

I like to work from my home and from the woods and fields around it. 
In this relaxed and peaceful environment, where everyone’s needs can be personally attended,
I offer top quality teaching and guidance to small groups.

Most workshops take place at my home in the village of Dartington, one mile from Totnes in South Devon, and they are suitable for people of all ages over 14yrs. 


You will receive:

 • Excellent tuition from a mature and experienced workshop leader

 • A calm and well supported learning environment

 • A joyful, satisfying day to remember!

Teaching Programme:

Tarot Courseshere

Essential Skills for Professional Intuitiveshere

Wellbeing Coachinghere


For more information and bookings:
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Tarot Workshops

Introduction To Tarot

Saturdays 10.30am - 4.30pm

Do you find yourself drawn to the Tarot but not knowing where to begin? I am a professional psychic tarot reader and have been working with the Tarot for nearly 40 years. As such I am ideally placed to explain what it is, how it works and how it can be relevant to our lives now.

This day workshop is suitable for complete beginners and people with a little knowledge, as I will lead you through 'The Fool’s Journey' of the major arcana in the morning, and the structure and elemental qualities of the minor arcana in the afternoon. I will take time along the way to answer your questions, to explain what happens when certain cards are next to each other, and how a reader might pay attention to particular configurations. 

This is a comprehensive introductory day and will prepare you for developing a deeper relationship with the cards if you wish to take it further. 

You only need to bring a notebook and pen and your lunch, that is all. I will be working with the Rider-Waite pack, you do not need to bring cards. 

Working in a small group of no more than 6 people, you will receive much focussed attention. This day will be fun informative and inspiring. 


Please enquire for 2021 dates:
Tel: 07796 900509

If you wish to continue learning about this fascinating practice you may wish to join me on 'Tarot - Day 2' (see below) where I offer you techniques to help you read the cards when you don’t know the meanings.
Note: it is possible to do either the Intro Day, or Day 2, or both.


Tarot – Day 2: How to Read the Cards
Sundays 10.30am - 4.30pm

This day is the natural follow-up to the Introduction to Tarot day workshop, and is suitable for people who have a little knowledge or for those wishing to refresh their understanding.
If you would like to feel more confident and learn some simple ways of understanding what the tarot is telling you then this day is for you!  


I have specifically designed this day for people who do not yet know all the meanings of the cards and you will begin by learning an exercise to strengthen your confidence in using your intuition. 

This is a very hands-on day of learning through practice, so you will spend time learning simple skills in questioning, how to use small spreads, what to look out for and the different ways the cards can relate to each other.

As it's not important that you know the meanings of all the cards there will be an emphasis on using your intuitive skills to support your emerging knowledge.

This is a very enjoyable day of being immersed in the tarot and you will benefit from my nearly 40 years of experience as a reader and teacher. 

I will be working with the Rider-Waite pack only, and have several packs so you don’t need to have your own. You only need bring a notebook and pen, and your lunch.



Please enquire for 2021 dates:
Tel: 07796 900509


Tarot Practice Days

I offer occasional Practice Days (or half days) for small groups of people who have completed my Introduction to Tarot, days 1 and 2.  

Here you can come and refresh your knowledge, practice your skills and receive professional feedback. You can ask questions and deepen your understanding of how to work with the cards. This has proved to be very helpful in developing skilfulness and confidence.


Essential Skills for Professional Intuitives
Self Protection, Empowerment and Nurturing


A comprehensive course of important skills to support your work as an Intuitive Reader, Healer, Channel, or Teacher.


Do you want to practice your intuitive abilities professionally? Could you benefit from a grounding in embodied, protective and enabling skills?

Packed with practical information and practice, I am offering this course based on my 40 years of working as a professional in the field. The course provides you with a solid foundation, and participants will benefit from being part of a small group where everyone receives thoughtful, personal attention.



• Advanced self-protection
• Divination skills
• Ceremony and ritual design
• Prayer, meditation and mindfulness skills
• Self-healing practices
• Shamanic journeying
• How to work with spirit guides, including angelic beings, nature spirits, ancestors, and Pleiadian/Arcturian mentors


We will be learning through practice, so there will be a high level of participation, and some homework! I will be issuing certificates to everyone who completes the course.


Course dates, venue and price

The Course consists of five 3-hour sessions, and the spacing between the sessions can be designed to suit your needs. For example, you could do one session every day for 5 days, or one a week for 5 weeks, etc.
Please contact Bell to discuss what would suit you best.


The Course is offered on Zoom until restrictions are lifted.

Choice of times: 10am-1pm or 7-10pm.

£35 per session, or £150 for 5 sessions.

Course content:

Day 1: Protection

I will be teaching you different layers of protection to keep you safe from various sources of unwanted attention. Including, hungry, lower energies, manipulative people/energies, clients who are wrong for you, and careless exposure from social media/press.
Protection is of no. 1 importance for all intuitive practitioners and you will be taught and practice numerous skills during this day.
Special attention will be paid to your fears concerning any of the above, with the intention of enabling you to fearlessly relax into doing the work you love.


Day 2: Divination Skills

This is a very playful day, with the serious intention of developing and expanding your intuitive skills.
The day will include discussion, demonstration and much practice, and aims to clarify your understanding of how you work, what you think your work is, to identify your strengths, and support areas of growth.
We will be playing with different ‘tools’ as we develop the ability to be flexible in our approach to our gift of service.


Day 3: Creating Ceremonies and Rituals

This day offers you the tools to start creating appropriate, meaningful ceremonies or rituals to suit your needs. We will focus on something fairly simple, but the principles can be applied to much more complex situations, such as marking the important turning points in people’s lives.

We will each choose a familiar event and design a short ceremony to honour that event. You will invite the group to participate in your short ceremony and receive encouraging and constructive feedback from the group and myself. Weather permitting, we can use the very local woods for our ceremonial practice, if desired.

You will be supported by me at all times, and by the preparatory homework.

Day 4: Using the Mind Skilfully

Using the mind carefully and skilfully has to be one of the most important ways we can support our work. So this is a day of practicing a variety of focusing/meditation and mindfulness skills.
The day will include movement and breathwork exercises, and very simple skills to enable us to remain calm in challenging situations. You will be taught how to ask and receive directly from Spirit, how to identify blocks and obstacles in yourself which prevent you from receiving easily and ways you may find helpful in changing that.


Day 5: Working with Spirit Guides (of many kinds)

At all times, but particularly when you are alone in your practice room with a difficult client/situation, your ability to receive information from your guides can be crucial! Therefore, it is important that we are able to ask for and receive the right kind of guidance and support we need, when we need it.

We all have Guides, and the Guides we attract will mirror our intentions. My intentions include that I only work with Guides which are from the highest Source of love and light which are available to me in my current state of consciousness, and I am only interested in receiving beneficial, loving support and information for the benefit of all. 
Many people identify strongly with one kind of guide or another. For example, Angels, the Elements and Nature Spirits, Ancestors or Pleiadian mentors. We will be focusing on clarifying your ability to attract the most appropriate guidance support network for you.
This will be a very practical day with opportunities to practice and consolidate most of the skills you have learned over the course.
We will complete with a Blessing Ceremony to help us on our way as we take our gifts out into the world.


For more information and bookings:
Tel: 07796 900509


Now offering each day separately – please call to discuss...

Coaching for Wellbeing

I focus on enabling you to feel better about your life irrespective of your circumstances by teaching you simple, and effective personal skills.

My priorities are:

1. To enable you to know clearly what you want.

2. To empower you to learn and practice authentic self-love skills, including how to keep strong, confident boundaries.

3. To encourage and teach you how to listen deeply to your inner voice for guidance.

4. To support you in creating a practical and effective plan of action.

Coaching Rates:
£45 for 60 minutes. Three sessions booked together for £120.
Currently offered on Zoom or phone. 

For more information and bookings:
Tel: 07796 900509


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Beautiful handmade gift vouchers are now available - postcard size with gold decoration, presented in a handmade paper envelope, posted to you.

£50 incl. p&p
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"You are so skilful and positive that even when I have a thorny issue to look at, it's a real pleasure to come and see you. Thank you for that!"  
- Mike (University Lecturer), Exeter

"I was extremely sceptical when I came to see you as this is not my kind of thing. You offered me hope and I didn’t believe you but now everything you said has come true. I can’t tell you how much you have helped me, I want to shout from the rooftops, this is brilliant!"
 - Katie (NHS Administrator), Bristol

"Dear Bell, I just wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right and I’m so glad that I took your advice even though at the time I didn’t want to!"
 - Simon, London