The Long View

There is an oft-quoted saying ‘When God hears about our plans, she laughs !’ I have seen my own plans thrown up in the air occasionally and understands how frustrating it can be to have our carefully devised vision of the future denied. Sometimes it can be hard to understand why something we really want and have done loads of inner and outer work to achieve just doesn’t come to fruition. These experiences are common to us all and although a reading with me cannot undo difficult times it will provide a helpful perspective and show what the next steps need to be.

Occasionally, I have clients who begin by saying, ‘I wouldn’t normally do this but...’ and when they talk for a minute, it emerges that what people wouldn’t normally do is ASK FOR HELP! It is my belief that we are not here to ‘do it all’, or to struggle endlessly, but rather to learn how to give and receive equally, both from each other and from Spirit, so that our ‘doing’ may flow in ways which support us comfortably. And sometimes that involves asking for and receiving help.

So, what kind of help will you receive from a reading with me? Well, let’s start with perspective, or the long view. One of my gifts as a psychic reader is the ability to look into the future and see what actions now would be most conducive to your preferred outcomes. Bearing in mind it may be that doing nothing now, is best. The purpose of a reading is to offer you information so that you are better equipped to make important choices. So, for example, a reading may look at practical matters such as when will my property sell? Or deeply personal questions such as ‘how will my young child deal with impending change?’ A reading offers not only a detached perspective but also the best approaches for you to take and when to take them.

Some years ago I had a client who spent time arguing over what he wanted to do after I had advised doing nothing. Six months later I received an email saying ‘I completely disagreed with your advice to wait, but reluctantly I did that anyway, and I am soooo glad that I did, you were spot on. Thank-you’. Sometimes the long view is just what we need!

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