Crisis or Opportunity? That is the Question!

Even the best laid plans can go awry – as I have recently experienced personally! A 'rock-solid' income stream suddenly dried up and I watched myself go into anxiety/survival mode in an instant.

If you have experienced something like this you will be aware of how easy it is for our fear to take over and start dictating what actions we should take.

The downside of being in survival mode is that it often involves becoming more rigid and closed, as opposed to more open and receiving.

Well why wouldn't we? We are trying to protect ourselves!

I am a professional psychic tarot reader, and if you have never been to see someone like me before, you may not know how I can help you with my skills at delivering the information you need – which could make all the difference.

This year I has seen many clients who are facing life-changing choices, and as we probably all know, it can be very hard to make detached, intuitive and inspired decisions when we are immersed in our own situations and feelings are running high.

Even if we know that doing our best to remain open and receiving works better than being fearful and closed, that doesn’t mean it's easy to do – especially when the opportunity a crisis presents is one you would rather not have!

None of us are immune to difficult times, and you may be familiar with the need to dig deep within yourself for the stamina and inner calm to see a difficult situation resolve.

You may be aware that people like me exist, but not that I can work in a way that offers extremely practical guidance when you need to make strong decisions.

A reading with me will involve close attention to your situation, focusing on gathering as much information as possible to help you take the next step, and to offer a wider understanding of the forces running through your life.

A client recently said: ‘You clear the mud from the path so I can see the way forward. I cannot tell you how helpful that is!’

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