A Springboard into the Year

Do you have plans and dreams for this year?

Are you ready to spring into activity?

A reading with me, Bell, could make all the difference, by acting as a springboard to energise your new beginnings...

Remember Tigger? The epitome of flexibility, adaptability, energy and fun? That could be you!

As a self-employed person I know very well the time, energy and self-belief it takes to keep putting ourselves out there with limitless positivity. A reading can show you how to both ask for and receive more support from others and from Spirit to enable more effortless ‘doing’.

I've often noticed how many people find it easier to give than receive. So I ask: ‘what does the concept of receiving mean to you?’

For some it is uncomfortable, like weakness or dependence, but based on my experience, I feel that receiving as well as giving is a crucial aspect of balancing ourselves, in order that we can be the calm, relaxed person we may wish to be.

Receiving is about letting things, or people, into our lives and includes allowing ourselves to receive support, and being open to allowing help to come in unexpected ways.

You may notice an emphasis on allowing. Yep, it's up to us to notice when we are refusing or not asking for help. Because we are so used to being independent, we forget that receiving is an option!

Allowing ourselves to receive takes less effort than ‘doing it all’, and as we breathe life into our dreams for the year it can be good to remember that.

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