About Bell...

I am a mature Wyse woman with nearly 40 years of practice in my profession as a psychic reader, teacher and healer. I am both a naturally gifted and widely trained person and I consider my job is to offer you the information which will enable you to make a difference in your own life, the lives of others and in the wider world.

I am grounded in the spiritual disciplines and practices of Shamanism and Buddhism which involve much self reflection and self responsibility. The abundance of love, joy, acceptance and understanding generated by these paths have supported and sustained me through life’s many challenges as I learn to come to balance and stillness in my self.

I continually learn from Eastern and Western spiritual approaches, ancient and contemporary, and from the practices of meditation and devotion, and I am therefore able to draw upon the wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained from my experience and understanding of these teachings. This background gives my work a breadth, depth and substance which people have consistently found to be extremely helpful. 


Born into a farming family in SW England I spent the first 19 years enfolded in rural life, and as my family fell apart at an early age I turned to nature for comfort and found a place of nurture and belonging.
Receiving messages from the age of 6, I kept my ‘gift’ a secret until moving to London where I sought out like-minded people and started developing my skills by training with Betty Balcombe and others at the School of Psychic Studies.
I took advantage of the opportunity to train with the international teachers who came to London and embarked on an intensive decade of learning. This included six years of shamanic practice with Eagles Wing, Wallace Black Elk and Beautiful Painted Arrow. Also voice-work with Jill Purce and dance-work with Gabrielle Roth.


I was lucky enough to be very ill throughout my 20’s and 30’s with debilitating migraines, insomnia and depression. I can say this now because without that I would never have become the seeker that I am. It has been a long journey to healing and often a frustrating one but I never doubted that I could retrieve my health. I've always taken the alternative route and refused to listen to those who said it cant be done!
This challenge has shaped my life and my personal and spiritual development and most recently I have added Clean Language coaching to the tools in my toolbag of healing skills.


I have variously had a career in the Arts as a designer/maker in film and theatre, and later as a teacher in London art schools before relocating to the south-west where I now live and work as a full-time psychic reader. Currently I am reconnecting with Tibetan Buddhism and benefiting enormously from the work of Jill Purce and the sonorous community.

My whole life has been a healing journey and it continues, one adventure at a time, not knowing what’s next but trusting in the Divine to lead me. My job is to let it.

A recent article published in Reconnect Magazine, August 2019
From the regular 'Kate Does…' feature
by Kate Philbin


Psychic Tarot Reading with Bell Bartlett

Sometimes in life, particularly at times of uncertainty and challenge, I have longed to be lifted up out of my life and given a bird’s eye view (or probably more accurately a God’s eye view) of why things are the way they are, and how they will all pan out.

That is what it feels like whenever I pay a visit to Bell Bartlett. 


For most of my 'Kate Does…' articles, I’ve written about experiences that are new to me, but not this time. I’ve consulted with Bell a couple of times a year, sometimes a little more, over the last three or four years and I’ve found each of these sessions to be empowering and enlightening.


Bell is not a fortune-teller or a medium. She is what is sometimes called a spiritual intuitive. She has the ability to tune into spirit guides and uses tarot cards to gain insight into the life of the person in front of her.


This ability began at the age of six when she began hearing a voice talking in her ear, telling her about her own life and the lives of the people around her. 

At the age of 16, when a friend brought a pack of tarot cards into school, she knew she had encountered something that would have great significance in her life. 

By the age of 21, Bell began studying at The School of Psychic Studies. 


She comes from a long line of gypsies and feels that it is 'no accident' that she has ended up living in a caravan and working with tarot.


Bell points out that we often become blinkered about the choices available to us, believing that it is either X or Y when, in actual fact, there may be many more choices that we are simply unable to see. This is where the broader perspective of spirit can be extraordinarily helpful. 

None of what happens to us is predestined, she explains, as we all have freedom of choice, but it can be illuminating to be able to see the possible outcome of our choices before we make them.


Bell begins a session by taking an overview of your life at this current time. As usual she was absolutely accurate about mine without being given any prior information. 

We then move on to asking specific questions… about career, home, relationships, money, property – the usual stuff.


I have to say, the answers I get are not always the answers I want. But I have found them to be uncannily accurate and this information is, ultimately, very empowering. 

One of her clients once told Bell her readings were 'ridiculously helpful'. I share similar feelings and within three hours of this particular session I found myself able to make an empowered choice that had been invisible to me earlier that same day.

 – Kate Philbin, August 2019