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What I can offer you...

Tarot Readings
Are you at a crossroads in your life? Do you have important questions requiring clear insightful answers?
I am here to help you.

A reading with me will give you:
• Clarity
• Reassurance
• Confident decision-making


Tutoring & Mentoring
Need help developing your own
tarot/intuitive practice? 

For a range of exciting opportunities!

What you will receive from a Reading

Readings are available by phone or in person (near Totnes, Devon, UK)

Tarot is a system of symbolically representing ancient knowledge and is referred to as part of ‘The Mysteries’. The function of the Tarot is to support the intuitive reader to access information. In my hands as a skilful reader the Tarot will :-


 • Answer your questions

 • Give insight into unclear situations

 • Point out the right direction for you

 • Help to make sense of difficult life events


Issues such as relationships, bereavements, money, business or legal decisions, health and wellbeing, children and property are all appropriate areas for us to examine in a reading.


When you receive a reading from me, usually we will begin by identifying the questions you need to ask and I will do a spread for each question. Sometimes people want to know more generally about the coming year, for example, however, often people need help with something specific such as:


 • I'm worried about my son/daughter, how can I best help them?

 • I've met someone I really like, what do I need to know about this relationship?

 • I'm at a crossroads in my life, I have several choices, which would be best for me?

 • I'd like to start my own business, will my idea work and is this the right time?


Tarot Reading Rates

£25  for 30 mins

£45  for 60 mins

£60  for 90 mins

February 17, 2020

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How to book a tarot reading

Please call or email me for more information, or to arrange a reading. My contact details are at the bottom of each webpage.

Readings in person
If you are visiting me for your personal reading then you can pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash on the day.

Readings via phone
​Please contact me first by phone or email to arrange a date and time for your reading.

If you will be receiving your reading by phone then please pay by bank transfer (preferably). I will give you my bank details when we confirm your session. 


"You are an angel of help and an agent of positive change, ridiculously helpful!"
- Tom (Musician), Devon


"A session with you is always incredibly enlightening and sooo helpful. Every time I come away from you I feel lighter, I feel held and understood and I feel not on my own. I really appreciate your wisdom, what you say feels true in my heart, there’s no bullshit."
- Kate Philbin (Journalist), Devon


"Your innate sensitivity and intuition helped me ask some difficult questions. You told me things I would never have believed and they continue to come true. Thank-you."
- Caroline (Business Coach), Chipping Norton